Concerns about Practitioners

We take every complaint against our members seriously & will investigate into the details of each grievance to ensure appropriate action is taken to resolve the matter.

By agreeing to accountability all our members demonstrate that they intend to practice within the professional guidelines set out in the ICAHT code of conduct. If a UK registered ICAHT member is found to be involved in a serious breach of conduct, appropriate measures will be taken to discipline the individual/s and rectify the matter.

Once we have been notified that there is an issue we will need to verify that the practitioner involved is an ICAHT registered practitioner. If this is the case, than we will begin taking further details from you regarding your concerns. We will clarify if there has been a breach of conduct or not. In most cases we hope to rectify any disputes swiftly by mediating between the practitioner and yourselves however in matters of serious breach of conduct steps will be taken to investigate and audit the individuals concerned. If they are found to be guilty of misconduct then they shall be brought in front of a panel of ICAHT trustees an disciplined accordingly.

The first step in the complaints procedure involves notifying us of a grievance. In order to do this, please fill out our complaints initiation from below.