ICAHT Insurance

ICAHT Insurance

Affinity Scheme for Full Members of ICAHT Policy runs from 1st February 2016  to 31st January 2017

If you are joining this scheme three months or more after the above start date, please see the short period rate table below.

INDEMNITY LIMIT £4000000 Full Practitioner inc Cutting £4000000 Student
£112.00 £57.00

Premiums include Insurance Premium Tax/Levy, DAS Legal Expenses Package, Balen Admin/Doc fee of £0-£50, Affinity fee of £0-£10


Your Scheme has common renewal date for all Members of 1st February.
In order to take your cover round to this date, the premiums reduce according to when you join as per the
table below.

Date: Feb to Apr May to Jul Aug to Oct Nov to Jan
£4M Practitioner 112.00 85.00 57.00 29.00
£4M Student £57.00 44.00 29.00 15.00

Important Note

You must be a current member of the ICAHT in order to take out this policy. If you are not or you do not renew your membership with them, then the insurance could be declared void. Please send in a copy of your membership certificate with your completed form.

No Claims Declaration

I HEREBY DECLARE AND WARRANT that I have never been convicted of any criminal offence, other than motoring offences, or offences that are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and there are no prosecutions pending. No insurer has ever cancelled, declined or refused to renew a policy. I have had no claims, or circumstances, which could give rise to a claim under the policy involving negligence, error or omission, and I am not aware of any circumstances which may result in a claim or suit being made against me. By signing the form below I confirm that the above statements & particulars are in all respects complete and true, that they are material, and that I have not suppressed or misstated any material facts. This means that you should not withhold or misrepresent any facts which are likely to influence the Company’s assessment and acceptance of this proposal. You have a duty to disclose them and failure to do so could invalidate the insurance cover. I agree that this form shall be the basis of the Contract with Underwriters & deemed part of the insurance coverage issued to me. I can also confirm that I have read, understood and agree to accept the Balens Terms of Business letter attached.

A specimen policy wording is available on request at all times.


1. Claims are subject to the Insured following best current practice and the recommended rules and guidelines as taught by their college or Association in the treatment of patients.

2. That pre and post treatment information must be given to patients as laid down by the professional body or college and recorded in the patient notes.

3. The following hygiene procedures must be adhered to in order for a claim to be admitted:

a) Use of blades Disposable blades must be used.

b) Disinfectants An appropriate dilution of currently best recommended disinfectant must be used after any suspected contamination.

c) Practice preparation Overall cleanliness of the practice must be maintained on a daily basis. The couch must be clean, disinfected and freshly covered for each patient. An accident book should be kept to record any unusual incidents.

d) Operator preparation Attire should include washable clothing, hair should not come into contact with the patient and jewellery should be removed or covered. Nails should be clean, short and free from nail varnish. Any cuts or abrasions of the hands should be covered with latex gloves that are discarded after each treatment of a patient. Waterproof dressings must be changed after each individual treatment. Care should be taken to ensure that the patient is never left alone and measures are used to protect the patient’s skin during all treatment.

Hygiene procedures as taught and laid down by their college or Association e.g., Hydrex, Mediscrub, Videne should be used in all appropriate phases of the treatment

e) Cupping Disposable cups are to be used

f) Waste disposal Clinical waste should be disposed of according to their College or Association guidelines using the professional services of an approved disposal Company including the disposal of all human fluid, equipment and sharps used

FOR GUIDANCE NOT PART OF POLICY SUGGESTED PRE TREATMENT NOTES FOR THE PATIENT (to be given to patient and recorded as such in the notes).

Whilst Cupping therapy has no major side effects and is a traditional technique that has been used for many centuries, there may be some .Minor side effects that you should know about and understand. One should understand and accept the possibility that there may be marks that will last for a few days before one decides to undergo cupping therapy, including the production of circular bruises or discolorations where the cups were applied, which are, in effect, large ‘hickies’. There may be minimal discomfort due to the method of application of skin cuts to the patient. Other possible minor side effects are slight light-headedness post cupping therapy; this is similar to the sensation one feels after having had blood taken by a doctor, as cupping therapy encourages blood flow to the cupped region (hyperaemia); one may therefore feel warmer and hotter as a result of vasodilatation (widening of blood vessel) taking place and slight sweating may occur. There is a sound scientific rationale for this and there is no cause for concern.