ICAHT Membership & Registration

Working together brings multiple benefits. Not only are we able to share knowledge, develop research and discover the best ways in which to do things, but we also gain the power and ability of working in numbers. This allows us to purchase in larger quantities, voice our opinions and increase credibility. By registering as ICAHT members you become part of a global network of hijama practitioners that can support each other and work together to meet our objectives.

ICAHT members benefit from a shared journal of literature and case studies, a discussion forum, clinical support and advice from Doctor Practitioners, Legal advice, discounted insurance premiums, cost effective hijama supplies, newsletters, further development opportunities and public confidence.

The ICAHT professional membership also allows for GRCCT registration, which demonstrates that you comply with British Government Guidelines in relation to the practice of Clinical Hijama Therapy.

In order to become a fully registered ICAHT member you must have first demonstrated your level of competency in the practice of clinical hijama therapy by completing the ICAHT accredited diploma. Once you have achieved the standardised level of training you can then become an ICAHT professional member by filling out the form below:

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Please note the enclosures required
1. Copy of Application for Insurance fully completed or insurance

2. Current passport photograph

3. Copies of your Diploma/Degree


 I hereby declare that the foregoing information is true to the best of my knowledge, and shall be the basis of my professional ICAHT membership. I shall notify the ICAHT of any changes in these details. I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Rules, Bye-laws and Code of Conduct of ICAHT. Should I change my name, or cease to be a member, then I shall return the Membership Certificate. Under the regulation of the GRCCT, ICAHT act as an Appointed Lead body for the practice of clinical Hijama therapy in the UK.

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